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07 Oct, 2008

Eat, Pray, Love

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Riding the Metro to work and I see two females just in my car reading the book. I wonder what makes it so popular even after so much time.

28 Aug, 2008


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I just bought MacJournal through the Macupdate Promo. This post was created using the software.

My dad’s very brief interview on the competency of the State owned BSNL in the face of increasing competition from newer private telecom operators was featured on BBC World’s weekly ‘India Business Report’ program. Fast forward to the 40 second marker for the actual interview. Of course, since it was meant to be only a […]

17 Aug, 2008

A very disquieting scene

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I consider myself to be a relatively compassionate and generous person, which is why it doesn’t take a whole lot for me to lose faith in humanity, occasionally. Last week, on my way back from work, I witnessed two young women feeding birds right outside the homeless shelter, with the desolate watching them hopelessly, unable […]

26 Jul, 2008

Randy Pausch did not die today

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No, Randy Pausch did not die today. He’s still alive and breathing in the hearts and minds of millions of people all over the world who suddenly stopped and took time to reconsider the purpose of their lives, after watching his ‘Last Lecture’. He will continue to live for a long time. Maybe even more […]

Writing this on my iPhone using the just-released WordPress app. I am impressed!

It’s not uncommon to run into a blog belonging to a very young software whizz these days and just not being amazed at how kids these days are able to get up to speed with what took us ages. Of course, this sort of generational gap is always going to exist. As we advance our […]

05 Apr, 2008

‘Would you work for us?’

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3 days on site with a company client, and I get asked this question. Not to be taken lightly, yet, with no reason to even consider the offer, seeing that I am happy with my current employment situation, I jokingly asked, ‘Sure, are you willing to offer me twice my current salary?’. The Director asks […]

In times when Indians take amazing pride in giving up their culture and values, I find it amazing that most people I meet in DC are heavily influenced by both Bollywood as well as its cuisine. Nearly everyone I meet (through various meetups, random public transportation encounters, etc.) is keen to learn more about at […]

अभी अभी पता चला कि OSX में हिन्दी में लिखना कितना अासान है। यह पूरी एन्ट्री मेरे साधारण कीबोर्ड के द्वारा लिखी गयी है। इतना अासान होगा कभी सोचा न था! – सौरभ


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