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25 Oct, 2007

Google goes to India

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Check out this article about Google India in Fortune Google Goes to India Money quote – “Those who work at Google speak of a halo effect. Landing a job at Google is said to increase marriage prospects in a culture where title and income are critical to the practice of arranged matchmaking.”

I have come to believe that you’re a smart shopper if the stock price of the company whose products you consistently buy keeps on going up. Since my move to Apple products, and since the time I bought AAPL stock, it has gone up roughly about 10%. I own a Mac, an iPhone, Airport Extreme […]

I was thinking how much things have changed in the last 10 years. We now live in an increasingly connected society, at least from a technological point of view. Yet, at the same time, there are things that haven’t changed at all. We still have the middle east crisis. We’re still fighting hunger and poverty, […]

Lately, I have been getting a lot of spam emails in my inboxes (both gmail and gargs.com), inspite of the usually reliable spam protection provided by Google. A lot of this spam has attached images that I usually discard without looking. I decided to look at one of these emails tonight, and it was spam […]

07 Oct, 2006

Purchase price of $32 a user

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The bubble is swelling up again, and we have news about Google Inc. trying to buy YouTube.com for a price of $1.6 billion. According to the news article, that works out to $32 a user for the total userbase of approximately 50 million. So, essentially, Google is considering spending $32 on people like you and […]

Newsweek reports this week about how the US population is going to reach 300 million any day now. At the same time, the article compels the reader to wonder about the negative ramifications of such an “explosive” rate of population growth. “Is this a sign of impending calamity”, the article asks. The article made me […]

06 Sep, 2006


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We’re all greedy. The difference lies in the degree, motivation, and area of our greed. Some people are greedy for success; some people are greedy for fame; some people are greedy for recognition; some people are greedy about money. There are a lot more things that make people greedy. Nevertheless, I have found one common […]

Spotted on slashdot, the definition of an Entrepreneur: Entreprenuer, n.: A high-rolling risk taker who would rather be a spectacular failure than a dismal success.

31 Aug, 2006

12 startups to launch now

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Business 2.0 magazine has an article on the 12 best startup ideas for the present times. The ones I really like/find interesting are: Become a biodiesel producer in Argentina. Import fine wines to upscale restaurants – in India. The first  idea is pretty interesting seeing the global demand for combustible energy resources. Also, Argentina serves […]

Everyone knows what I am going to talk about. Do we really need to spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks we’d really not use after the semester is done with? This isn’t just an American issue. Textbooks, even in India, are pretty expensive, especially at the higher education level.


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