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14 Dec, 2006

My First 3D “game”

Posted by: Gargs In: Tech and Culture

As you might already know, XNA Game Studio Express 1.0 was released this Monday. I am really excited about all the opportunities this platform provides for casual and semi-serious gamers like me. Please download and unzip the attached “game” (in quotes because it’s not exactly worth anything). The controls are fairly basic. Use the cursor […]

As you can tell, I am an avid gamer, and love my Xbox 360. It is a phenomenal gaming platform. Micro-soft has managed to make a huge community around it as well. The forums are abuzz 24/7 with interesting discussions ranging from the future of video gaming to the latest 360 accessory out in the […]

04 Dec, 2006

First snowfall of the season…

Posted by: Gargs In: Life and Personal|Travel

…and I just saw three snow scraper trucks make rounds on the street in front of my apartment. It’s 5:50 AM. Compare this to 2 days of disrupted life in NC when the snow first strikes.

04 Dec, 2006

A smart Google investment

Posted by: Gargs In: Tech and Culture|Travel

I just registered my profile at dodgeball.com. It’s a pretty unique service that lets you take the whole online social networking thing offline. You can tell all your friends about your current whereabouts by simply sending a text message from your cellphone to DODGE. Not only that, the service allows you to broadcast simple messages […]


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