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Craigslist has been in news lately. And, why wouldn’t it be? With monthly hits of more than a billion users, and Yahoo! trying to buy Facebook, there’s speculation that this “simpler than Google” website would be looking for buyers soon. Founder Craig Newmark has denied any such intentions to “sell out”. I am not going […]

29 Sep, 2006

About the Xbox 360 India launch…

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Microsoft has become the first company to officially launch a gaming console in the Indian market (Sep 23). Yes, Xbox 360 is now available in India for the price of approximately Rs. 23,990 (premium bundle)! This is interesting. This launch comes at a time when Indian youth is increasingly running short of avenues to spend […]

The verdict is out! Graduate business students in the United States and Canada are more likely to cheat on their work than their counterparts in other academic fields. I am not at all surprised at this finding. And, it is not because there’s something fundamentally wrong in their thought process. I think the blame goes […]

I am a fan of using Yahoo! Rarely do I ever check any other maps/local information website for my trip planning. Since the Windows Live Writer software uses Windows Live for its maps, I thought about giving it a try, and was truly amazed. Although, I did not spend a lot of time playing around, […]

12 Sep, 2006

My trip to Winona, MN

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MInnesota is a very beautiful state. Even though it lacks a coastline and high mountains, there is still lot of natural beauty to be found. Part of the credit also goes to the way small attractions have been developed. Being a warm in the summer and extremely cold in the winter type of state, Minnesota has […]

06 Sep, 2006


Posted by: Gargs In: Economy|Life and Personal

We’re all greedy. The difference lies in the degree, motivation, and area of our greed. Some people are greedy for success; some people are greedy for fame; some people are greedy for recognition; some people are greedy about money. There are a lot more things that make people greedy. Nevertheless, I have found one common […]

Spotted on slashdot, the definition of an Entrepreneur: Entreprenuer, n.: A high-rolling risk taker who would rather be a spectacular failure than a dismal success.


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