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31 Aug, 2006

12 startups to launch now

Posted by: Gargs In: Economy|India|Tech and Culture

Business 2.0 magazine has an article on the 12 best startup ideas for the present times. The ones I really like/find interesting are: Become a biodiesel producer in Argentina. Import fine wines to upscale restaurants – in India. The first  idea is pretty interesting seeing the global demand for combustible energy resources. Also, Argentina serves […]

29 Aug, 2006

The source of all troubles

Posted by: Gargs In: Life and Personal

The above in Hindi basically means that the source of all sadness, enemosity, and worries is our inherent desire to revel in rights, while neglecting our duties all the time. I find it so true.

27 Aug, 2006

My trip to Harmony, MN

Posted by: Gargs In: Travel

I love driving, and living in North Carolina has made me appreciate nature more than/equally to high rise buildings in cities like Chicago. I am also getting used to driving without a GPS with help from AAA maps and their trip planner website. So, yesterday I drove to a small town in south eastern Minnesota […]

Everyone knows what I am going to talk about. Do we really need to spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks we’d really not use after the semester is done with? This isn’t just an American issue. Textbooks, even in India, are pretty expensive, especially at the higher education level.

18 Aug, 2006

Road "signs"

Posted by: Gargs In: Life and Personal|Travel

So, I was driving on MN-55 in my lovely car, with my parents with me, when this beat-up Toyota/Honda overtakes us, and the girl waves at me like she’s never gonna see an Indian guy again! Now, this could mean 3 things: She was really proud of her beatup car overtaking my Mustang. She knew […]

17 Aug, 2006

Really smart, or really cogitative…

Posted by: Gargs In: Life and Personal

Very often, I come across blogs of friends or acquantances with extremely lengthy and/or profound posts. These kind of blogs are generally pretty interesting for a number of reasons. But first, broadly speaking, I have found blogs to be either one of the following types: Rehash of the hottest news with added commentary. Lengthy posts with […]

The folks at the Pew Internet & American Life Project have created an online survey for bloggers about their blogging habits. If you’re a blogger reading this post, I strongly urge you to participate in it. There are about a couple dozen questions, and it would take about 10 minutes of your time. Some of the […]

15 Aug, 2006

Developing games made easy !

Posted by: Gargs In: Tech and Culture

I can’t believe I used to be one among the Microsoft-hating sheep sometime ago. Micro-soft has come a long long way since those days of noncompetitive practices. Windows has evolved into a secure and reliable operating system with a consistently improving user interface.

15 Aug, 2006

Happy 60th Independence Day!

Posted by: Gargs In: India

Today is India’s 60th Independence Day celebration. I would like to salute my nation for giving me the kind of global opportunities that the youth of some other countries could only dream of. Vande Mataram

15 Aug, 2006

JBoss and mySQL

Posted by: Gargs In: Tech and Culture

While JBoss is an enterprise strength application server, it probably has the worst documentation I have ever seen for an open source project. I have spent more hours debugging and troubleshooting simple issues than actually getting my idea to work before the launch. The online forums haven’t been worth talking about, either. For instance, I […]


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