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I was reading the latest issue of FirstMonday, when I came across an interesting statistic. Apparently, approximately 60 million Americans use search engines to find information on the Internet every day. Nothing wrong with that, you say. But, how’s this for another statistic; there are about 204 million Internet users in America! This is about […]

18 Apr, 2006

I pay, you pay, we all pay income tax

Posted by: Gargs In: Economy

Yesterday was the last day to file taxes in the majority of the United States. The deadline is April 15th of each year, but this time an extra working day was given because the 15th fell on a Saturday, which is a non-working day for most of corporate America. Statistics are interesting, and in this […]

I was reading the news today, when I came across news that the results of the IBM ACM-ICPC World Finals had been announced. This is a very prestigious programming contest that begins at the regional level and then goes onto the international level, with exciting prizes and recognition for the winners and runners-ups. I had […]

I love to talk about jobs and hiring practices. Political issues notwithstanding, every country is facing a serious deficit of qualified people. As such, companies are having to deal with these shortages in innovative ways. I just came across this article on Yahoo! News about an Indian headhunter using a “Speed Dating” technique to hire […]

The telephony techscape is heating up with newer technologies being revealed almost everyday, and the POTS companies struggling to exist. VoIP is nothing new, and I, personally, have been using it since around 1999 when I first made my Internet voice call to the US. What’s really happening right now is the emergence of global […]


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