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Democracy in India reduces its overall rate of economic growth by about 1%. Startling as it might sound, it is a good price to pay. International investors as well as companies love to put their money in a non-authoritative regime. This is evident by the fact that although everyone has money in China, they have […]

27 Feb, 2006

This is what my room looks like

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Pretty messy, eh!

21 Feb, 2006

My Great Clips experience

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Hair Care is a $55 billion+ industry in the US. It is also akin to the restaurant business in that it is highly recession resistant, and is almost always a guaranteed source of revenue if it reaches out to a good demographic. I have a strange aversion to female hair dressers/stylists because of one bad […]

18 Feb, 2006

Meaning of life

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I am deeply interested in philosophy pertaining to the way of life, along with theology and theomorphisms. Being an engineer with a good amount of exposure to biology, I now tend to think of life with a greater metaphysical twist in reasoning. A lot of my friends don’t agree with the crudeness with which I […]

13 Feb, 2006

Away from the Sun…

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It’s down to this I’ve got to make this life make sense Can anyone tell what I’ve done I miss the life I miss the colors of the world Can anyone tell where I am ‘Cause now again I’ve found myself So far down, away from the sun That shines into the darkest place I’m […]


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