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I have been at the neighborhood Super Walmart store quite a few times over the last couple of months. Company policies notwithstanding, I always enjoy shopping at that store. Contrary to popular “anecdotes”, I have always had great customer service, and at times, the sales staff has even helped me pick out colors of bed […]

It will always be remembered for the inovation it so succinctly fueled. Links: http://www-306.ibm.com/software/os/warp/withdrawal.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OS/2

I happened to go to the local Best Buy only to discover dozens of people camping out in the cold weather outside the store. I thought that Black Friday was long gone, and there had to be a good reason for the gala. Turned out that there was a rumor that Best Buy stores were […]

While I sat on my chair looking at my first greatly successful website, I realized that getting visitors to my site was a bigger challenge then (late 90s) than it is now. The only formula was to get a successful listing in the Yahoo! Directory. It is no joke, Yahoo! was the best way to […]

10 Dec, 2005

Is Yahoo! the next big media company ?

Posted by: Gargs In: Tech and Culture

Reading the news on Yahoo! News in the morning today, I saw an ad for Yahoo! VideoGames, and clicked on it, only to discover a very good looking and comprehensive site about videogames. It was much more organized and eye-friendly than Gamespot, and covered all the consoles, handhelds, and PC configurations. Yahoo! even has its […]

Not many people that spend their day in front of their computer screens playing Halo or other MMORPGs are aware that Bill Gates was responsible for writing probably the first ever color graphics game for the IBM PC! I remember playing this game in 1990 and spending a couple hours on it. Click on the […]

08 Dec, 2005

Expired Milk !

Posted by: Gargs In: Life and Personal

NOTE TO SELF: Always check the expiry date of milk before buying it. So, yesterday I bought a gallon of yummy strawberry milk only to take a sip full of some solid particles in it. Upon looking at the cap, it turned out that the milk had officially gone unfit to drink 5 days ago! […]

I have been talking about the idea of using an in-built GPS system in cars to track them for a long time. Turns out that is indeed going to become a reality with the Government announcing grants to develop such systems. Their main premise is that such a deployment would allow them to setup a […]

05 Dec, 2005

Google Local for Mobiles is awesome !

Posted by: Gargs In: Tech and Culture

I installed Google Local for Mobiles on my Sony Ericsson S710a a couple days ago. The best part about this service is that it is a 100kb Java program that actually installs in your cellphone. This means that you don’t need to use the browser or type in any obscure URLs when you need to […]

04 Dec, 2005

Software Patents are evolving, too

Posted by: Gargs In: Tech and Culture

Lawyers love patents. Engineers crave patents. Businessmen have mixed feelings. Visionaries hate them. Patents are an amazing concept. They give a new meaning to ideas and their conceptualization and ownership. I think the American intellectual property preservation/regulatory system is the mainstay of its hitherto tremendous technological lead, as well as the entrepreneurial spirit at the […]


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