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31 Jul, 2005

Death toll reaches 696 in Maharashtra floods

Posted by: Gargs In: India

The death toll is still rising and stands at 696 as of today. This is a really sad natural calamity that begun on July 26th and was unlike any other monsoon rainfall experienced in India. 944 mm of rainfall was received on the first day itself in the Mumbai metropolis! Luckily, my family had planned […]

30 Jul, 2005

Why are some people the way they are ?

Posted by: Gargs In: Life and Personal

I have had numerous roommates during my tenure at NC State University as a grad student. They have been from all parts of India too, and after some time I am beginning to realize certain “stereotypes”, if you will, about Indians based on where they come from. Sure, I might fall under a bad stereotype […]

29 Jul, 2005

We need a “War on Climate”

Posted by: Gargs In: Life and Personal

The east coast is facing a heat wave right now with temperatures soaring to triple digits. Wednesday and Thursday saw the maximum temperature exceed 101 degrees and the heat index reach 110 degrees at Raleigh. The ozone levels have been really alarming, and the heat has taken its toll on homeless people. The local Govt. […]

25 Jul, 2005

The GM Diet

Posted by: Gargs In: Life and Personal

One interesting experience I had on my visit to India this summer was seeing the popularity of a weight loss diet program called “The GM Diet“. Almost everyone I know had tried this diet atleast once and seen great results in a week. I, personally, am not a fan of diets (could also have to […]

The proliferation of the Internet and the many businesses centered around it has meant that it is easy for anyone to get a piece of this expansive “virtual real estate” with little investment. One of the main things that fascinates me about the Internet is how easy it is to draw a corollary in the […]

17 Jul, 2005

Relevance of the H1-B visa to offshoring …

Posted by: Gargs In: Economy

I spent a good amount of time at Vel‘s place last evening drinking a couple beers and talking about the economy, university life, and other general stuff. During the course of our fun conversation, and after I had had 2 beers, the topic of the H1-B Visa provisions was brought up. I believe that the […]

Today’s cell-phones are loaded with features, many of which are almost too trivial or just too modern for a phone. Too much is never enough though, and we keep longing for newer and newer features. I kept receiving fax calls from a certain number today, probably because they had the wrong number, but it made […]

I am sure everyone is aware of Kozmo, the first ever e-tailer of sorts that was actually somewhat successful before closing shop in 2001, three years after its inception. Google Answers has a great thread giving background information about this company. Kozmo.com was started by Joseph Park, a Time Magazine nominated Innovator in 1997. There […]

04 Jul, 2005

The Global Face of the Indian IT Industry …

Posted by: Gargs In: Economy|India

The Indian IT industry isn’t all about doing world class work at rock-bottom prices. That is one of its most regarded facets. There is another side of the coin that everyone so easily neglects. The Indian IT industry is global in the truest sense of the word. Recently, I have been getting emails from college […]

Google Earth was released for free last week. After having bought technology from Keyhole, Google has released a basic version of the Google Earth software for free without any recurring charges. There are enhanced versions available for different needs that feature better satellite images and higher quality printing. Even in its basic form, the Google […]


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